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Allegory of Early America Woman with candelabra Liberty Figurehead
Gilded Indian Custom House Eagle Steam Fire Engine
Pheasant Gilded Billy Goat Gilded Dove
Preening Pintail Dapper Dan Sailor Whirligig
Butler Whirligig Top Hat Whirligig Paddlewheel
Gilded Eagle Liberty Flag Mermaid & Captain
Narragansett Mermaid The Archer Framed Flag
Gravestone in Frame Red Whirligig Drummer Boy
Circuit Rider Columbia Rhode Island Red
Horse & Sulky with Driver Gravestone Replica Biblical Quote Gravestone
Grasshopper Billy Goat Mariner Shop Figure
Sentinel Merganser Kissing Fish Red Breasted Merganser
St. Tammany Literary Lightning Rod Susquehanna
Sentinel Goose
Shadow Mergansers Monhegan Island Eider Canvasback
Cocker Spaniel
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